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Amadeus Primary Academies Trust

Holy Trinity Lamorbey Church of England Primary School is an Academy and part of the Amadeus Primary Academies Trust, a local Multi Academy Trust, consisting of 6 schools, Old Bexley Church of England Primary School, St Paulinus Church of England Primary School, St Paul's Cray Church of England Primary School, Castilion Primary School, ourselves and Hillsgrove Primary School. As an existing stakeholder in our school or a prospective parent we recognise that you may have some questions about what this entails which we have attempted to answer below. If you require further information, please contact the school office.

What is an Academy?

An Academy is a publically funded school that is independent of the Local Authority (in our case, The London Borough of Bexley). Instead, the school is accountable, through the Multi Academy Trust, to the Department for Education. This brings with it some additional freedoms and responsibilities.

What is a Multi Academy Trust?

A Multi Academy Trust is formed when 2 or more schools (in our case, 4 original members) covert to academy status together. A single Academy Board is formed, which is a company limited by a guarantee. The trust has overall responsibility for the educational outcomes of all of its constituent schools and their financial probity and is accountable to the Department for Education for these things.

What is The Amadeus Primary Academy Trust?

Amadeus is the name of the Multi Academy Trust to which Holy Trinity and our partner schools belong. Amadeus, meaning ‘Love God’ can be summarised in our motto, ‘Limitless Learning Together’. It is made up of 4 Church of England Primary Schools and 2 community schools each of which retains its own individual character and ethos but agrees to a central set of principals about great teaching and learning. The 6 schools work actively and in a deeply collaborative way to achieve these principals for all of our pupils across each of the 6 schools.

Where can you find out more?

Visit the Amadeus Primary Academy Trust’s website here.
Visit Hillsgrove Primary School’s website here.
Visit Old Bexley Church of England Primary School’s website here.
Visit St Paulinus Church of England Primary School’s website here.

 Visit Castilion's website here

Visit St Paul's Cray Church of England Primary School's website here