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Term Time Absences

Term Time Absences Information 

Regular attendance at school is an essential part of a child’s success and consequently a legal requirement of all parents. The Head Teacher has limited scope to authorise absences during term time under ‘exceptional circumstances’ only. While each application will be considered on merit and on a case by case basis, term time holidays will not usually be authorised as typically, they do not constitute exceptional circumstances.

If you would like to make an application for an authorised term time absence, you should write to the Head Teacher at least 2 weeks in advance where possible detailing the nature of the absence. Please take time to specify if it is not implicitly clear, what makes the request exceptional in order the right decision can be made. You will then receive a letter informing you of whether or not the absence will be granted as authorised or not. You are politely asked and encouraged not to absent your child under circumstances that have not been authorised.

 The school seeks to support children in pursuing wider extra-curricular activities that enhance their character and readiness for life. The school sometimes receives requests for children to absent in order to take part in representative national or international sporting competitions or to undertake professional acting work. When considering such applications, the child's current attendance rate will be the main (although not only) factor in the decision to authorise the absence or not. Pupils will not typically be authorised to absent for such reasons when their attendance is less that 95%. This is in order to balance the broader development of the child and the importance of their formal schooling. Any parent who wishes to know their child's current attendance may ask at the school office.

Holy Trinity Lamorbey CE Primary School works closely with the Education Welfare Service to support and where necessary, challenge, parents who fail to ensure that their child attends school regularly. When a pupil’s term time absences begin to impact on their overall attendance families will be referred to the Education Welfare Service and will be invited to an initial meeting with the Education Welfare Officer who will endeavour to provide support to the family that will help them in increasing their child’s attendance. If the necessary improvements are not made then the school will support the education Welfare Service in pursuing a prosecution of the parents in question.