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Thinking About Nursery

Choosing a nursery place for your child may be the first step to formal education for your child or it might be a stepping stone on from a day nursery, toddler group or other child care setting. In either case, choosing HTL for your child's nursery place will provide them with a warm and nurturing environment and a firm educational foundation to their ongoing schooling.

We have a large and dedicated nursery space staffed with a fully qualified teacher as well as highly experienced and qualified nursery nurses. We have a great deal of experience in supporting children into an educational setting including those with disabilities, separation anxieties and those already showing great academic promise. We work hard to foster a nurturing environment that also provides academic challenge to those who are emotionally and developmentally ready for it. We achieve this with a careful balance of free flowing activities and short bursts of directed adult intervention in key areas such as emotional and social development, physical development and early literacy and mathematic skills.

The HTL nursery is fully a part of our wider school and our mission to 'Transform Lives and Build Futures'. We believe that in Nursery, this means showing children what love looks like, teaching them to be courageous in their attitudes towards their learning and learning to use what they have learned for their own good and the good of the people around them. Developing emotional security, early phonic and counting skills ensure that we are laying the firm and deep foundations on which their futures will be built. 

HTL is an Ofsted registered school and as such we are able to accept payment for Nursery places through the government's 15 and 30 hour free child care schemes, details of which can be found here. The vast majority of working parents are entitled to 30 hours of free child care and it is well with checking here whether you are too. With the lunch hour cover charge just £11 per day, child care at HTL is a highly affordable, high quality choice for all.

At HTL we understand that securing great child care can be an expensive and challenging business. We work very hard to accommodate people's needs with flexible patterns that can be changed as required. Our nursery is open from 8:45am to 3:15pm 5 days a week during term time. With that, If you require mornings, afternoons, all day, a combination of the 3 on any number of days we will work hard within the limits of what is possible to ensure that your child receives an excellent education and a warm and nurturing environment on a schedule that meets your needs as a busy working parent. If you would like to speak to someone about your working pattern or child care needs, please contact Mrs Liew in the school office who will listen to your particular needs and explain how we are able to meet them.

We are now conducting tours for prospective parents interested in their child starting nursery with us in September 2020. If you would like to come an see what makes our nursery special please do contact the office and book a place on a tour that suits you. If you can't make any of the tours and would still like to visit us, contact the office and we will do our very best to accommodate you at your convenience. Tours are very popular and places are strictly limited to ensure that everyone gets a good opportunity to see the school and speak to the head teacher. Please book early to avoid disappointment.