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Transferring to HTL

It can become necessary to change your child's primary school for many different reasons. Perhaps you are moving into the area, maybe you have become unhappy with your current school or simply that you want your child to benefit from the transformative education on offer at HTL. Either way, we warmly welcome in year transfers and will work with you to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

We firmly believe that HTL is the number 1 choice of primary school in Sidcup and can summarise our offer in our motto, 'Transforming Lives, Building Futures'. HTL secures excellent academic outcomes for its pupils and imbues each of them in our 3 core christian virtues of love, courage and wisdom, ensuring that when they do leave us at the end of year 6, they leave us ready for the next phase of their education and beyond.

Choosing HTL for your child's primary education means choosing educational success and a Christian education that embues the personal characteristics they need to be happy, healthy contributors to their local, national and global community.

After a £350 000 investment to our building we also now have the inspirational learning spaces to match our ambitious curriculum and excellent outcomes as well as the latest security and safety technologies to keep your children safe. Come to HTL and see what a difference we can make to your child. Visits for prospective parents can be arranged at short notice and at your convenience. This will include an opportunity to discuss any questions you have with the head or deputy head teacher as well as the business manager who will take end to end ownership of the transfer process to ensure it is as smooth as possible. 

At HTL spaces are available in some year groups and waiting lists exist for others. Call the office today to get up to date information on the year groups in which you interested. Where a waiting list exists we can assess you against our oversubscription criteria and inform you of where you will be on the list - it won't necessarily be at the bottom. Where we have spaces available, admissions can take place immediately. Alternatively, we can, by individual arrangement, hold a place for a short time to allow your child an opportunity to finish their time at their existing school. Please take time to look through the information on our website which will show you something of our school's character and ethos and we look forward to welcoming you into our community soon.